Sliding on glass

I’ve never really been interested in kite surfing simply because of the high amount of specialized and expensive gear required.  And I have enough of those kinds of interests already.  But his video of a guy sliding across a glassy lake, apparently utilizing a magic wind that doesn’t touch the surface of the water, makes it look pretty appealing.  Many thanks to ProaFile

(make it full screen)


2 thoughts on “Sliding on glass

  1. It is appealing, but I disagree with his statement “In the not too distant future, all sailboats will be powered by kites, and the only place you’ll find a mast is at a classic boat festival.” I see kites as an add on for emergencies. Give me simplicity any day of the week,

    • Totally agree with you there. If kites used as sails was such a bomber idea, we’d see it more widespread by now already. Still too much that can go wrong, and I can’t see anyone setting their kite-sail and then taking a short nap!

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