The Aquahunters Makahiki 2014 is on! Day 1.

Another Aquahunters Makahiki Tournament has begun.  From February to September of each year, my life becomes centered on constant monitoring of the weather and catch reports in order to maximize my chances of earning points on each of the 40 days I’m allowed to claim over the course of the season.  I’ve had good years and bad years, but they all start with day one!

    Spent a long slow morning thinking that my Makahiki would once again start with a whimper, but I kept at it and it soon roared to life around mid-day.  For a while, it seemed like my reel just couldn’t stop screaming.  Had a couple big ahas on temporarily, but I then found the ono pile.  Missed two and got three and that’s just fine- an awesome start to my Makahiki!

33, 19, and 15 lb Onos (wahoo).

33, 19, and 15 lb Onos (wahoo).



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