Makahiki 2014: Days 2 and 3.

     Day Two:  I tried going back to the same spot but got there to find the NW swell slamming.  Couple other guys were there and got shut down too- too dangerous.  B. and I decided to pull back to another spot but it just wasn’t firing, couldn’t catch bait, and the one bite I had I screwed up.  Now, where’s that reset button?

And- WTF is this thing?  Love child of a hinalea and a nunu?  Kinda freaky, but I like it.  And worth two Makahiki points for releasing it.

Male Bird Wrasse

Male Bird Wrasse

Day 3:  Seemed to be looking like such a great day shaping up at launch with light winds and rain, but- if I had only known what was in store for me, I would have gone to my soccer game like I was supposed to instead.  Got a couple baits right away and took them on a tour of the grounds but they weren’t impressed, and so we decided to head north to find better water and I just kept going while my partner G. started catching onos and stuff.  I went too far.  Found one of my favorite spots to be looking pretty juicy, with bait and fish around aplenty.  Filled the tube and set about trolling around only to have the Kona winds ramp up out of the southwest and start knocking me back. Current here was mean to begin with, so now I had to slog upwind and current to get back to G. and I wasn’t making headway.  Steady 15 knot winds soon forced me to cut my losses and reel up and stash all gear on the deck, including my freshly filled bait tube, so that I could just make headway.  Spent the majority of the afternoon just fighting back with no lines in the water.   When I reeled up, I found that my mono leader was cut by an ono and my ono rig robbed by an aha (needlefish).  Those would be my only strikes for the day.  Zero Makahiki points!



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