Makahiki 2014; Day 13. Storm delayed, then back in business.

Thanks to hurricane Iselle, which caused a significant amount of damage on our fair island, I wasn’t able to get out and try the new approach for another two weeks.  We escaped the storm with just a few big limbs down and no power for 5 days here in Volcano Village, which was insignificant compared to what some of my fellow Big Islanders had to deal with down closer to the coast in the Puna district.  What a mess…

It was pretty frustrating to watch all the nice days go by after the storm and not be able to get on the water, and when I finally got out, it was just a another normal tradewind day.  Battled it out all day on the parachute, but came in triumphantly with another 5 pack of shibis off the same spot as before.  Worked the cut bait for a while, then trolled a while, and it all added up to a great day and somehow got three shibis exactly 10 lbs apart in weight, plus a couple more little ones, to bring in 148 points on the day- which I think is my best daily points tally yet.

Five of a kind ahi, from 7 to 32 lbs.

Five of a kind ahi, from 7 to 32 lbs.


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