Makahiki 2014, Days 14 and 15: To zero and back again.

For day 14 I had to choose a different spot due to swell conditions at my first choice.  Time restraints also forced me into a late launch and early return with no bites.  Wanted to just work a specific spot that had produce before for me, but the current was junk- straight out from shore and light, so the fish were just not there.  Some of the old-timer locals in boats reported the same luck for them as well.  After a couple of good days, it’s especially tough to come in with a zero.

By day 15, I was able to get back to my favorite spot, and though there were some similarities to the previous day with very slack currents, I was able to find the fish.   I couldn’t find opelu for live bait in the usual spot, so I had to drop bait all day, and it was slow going.  I would get one or two bites, then it would go dead for a couple hours, then I’d get a couple more, then dead again.  Talked to some other guys and they weren’t seeing much action either, even with liveys, so I’m grateful to come away with some good points, considering.

Four of a kind, small kine ahi, for 119 points.

Four of a kind, small kine ahi, (and an uku and papio) for 119 points.


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