Makahii 2014, Day 17: A change of scenery.

A big south swell has been hitting the islands, making any kayak launches on the south side very questionable, so it seemed like a good time to go poking around the typically murky waters of Hilo.  I launched late with a couple friends just hoping for the best in these inconsistent waters, and got lucky with a nice ono right before the winds kicked in quite suddenly around mid-day.  I’m still without sonar, but was able to find some opelu at the surface in a current line and got two in one drop, trading one up for the ono shortly after.  That was about it for the day’s action, so i feel quite lucky- the other two guys didn’t have a bite and I had no other strikes on my last live opelu until the wind finally sent me in by 1:30.  The ono weighed in at 38 lbs and so even with one fish, I had decent points and a good sale at Suisan Market.

My right leg is an ono.

My right leg is an ono.


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