The Kraken is on the move!

Jackson Kayak's new 'Kraken'

Jackson Kayak’s new ‘Kraken’

If you have been paying any attention to the greater world of kayak fishing, you must have seen at least some mention of Jackson Kayak’s new offshore fishing boat, the Kraken (details and specs).  At 15.5 feet long and 29.5 inches wide, this Jim Sammons/Tony Lee designed, true blue water fishing kayak is perhaps the only boat missing in Jackson’s considerable lineup.  Well it has arrived- and not just for everyone, but specifically for us in Hawaii, as we now have the first Jackson Kayak dealers in place and taking orders.  This boat appears to be the answer to a lot of questions concerning the kind of boat we need for our waters.  With a 500 lb capacity and a hull designed for carrying fish, an included live-bait well, tackle box, and 7 rod holders, it has much to offer.  Is it the best?  Time will tell, but I guarantee that it is a new option well worth considering.

The first container load bound for Hawaii will be loaded soon, and I recommend calling either of the following shops to place a deposit to ensure that your boat is included.

If you are on the Island of Hawaii, you will want to contact Kelly at P&P Kayaks in Kailua-Kona.  (808) 880-1400

On Oahu, contact Stan at Windward Boats, 1(866)750-6064


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