‘Pacific Warriors’; Hawaii Kayak Fishing Debuts on Discovery Channel


You may have heard about a new ‘reality’ show on Discovery Channel featuring some of the top kayak anglers (and one diver) of Hawaii.  If you watched the debut episode last Friday, you know there is plenty to talk about.  I might have something to say about it myself, but then I might appear jaded (full disclosure:  I was filmed for the original sizzle reel, but was cut from the cast when Discovery bought the show).  For now, while I do wish I could have been a part of it, I’ll let the season run and just sit back and enjoy it, and support my friends and fellow Aquahunters that are still in it- just remember that they are really good anglers, but probably not very good actors.  Hopefully by the end of the season, I can honestly judge whether I will be begging Christo Doyle to take me back, or whether he did me the biggest solid ever by letting me go!

In all honesty, I’m completely stoked to see my friends on national TV and looking forward to the series.  In the meantime, there are much better writers than me that can unpack what we’ve seen so far, and the esteemed Paul Lebowitz of Kayak Fish Magazine, pretty much nails it…

Pacific Warriors is also exasperating at times for those who’ve fished offshore, or even fished at all. The editing is uneven. Bait fish go from dead to alive and vigorously swimming in successive scenes, the ocean from menacing swells to flat calm. Fish are fought with the clickers irritatingly on, fingernails on a chalkboard. The same footage of a pulsing rod tip is used so frequently, if you slammed a shot every time you might end up on the floor. The featured anglers deserve better.

Read the rest of this excellent article here…and then buy a subscription to this quality magazine.  And check your local listings for the next episode of Pacific Warriors, every Friday after Gold Rush, on Discovery Channel.


3 thoughts on “‘Pacific Warriors’; Hawaii Kayak Fishing Debuts on Discovery Channel

  1. Here’s the rub with all of these outdoor reality shows, I’d rather be outside doing it than watching a TV show about it. That being said, good luck to your fellow anglers in their new endeavor. Hopefully their show will entice others to get out onto the water and have some fun.

  2. That’s one of the things we’re all a little worried about, is every Joe (sorry!) and their mom running down to Sports Authority to buy some crappy little 10′ death boat and some gear and getting all warrior like. It doesn’t take long for a pleasant day to turn to hell for someone who isn’t ready for it. Hopefully they’ll find their way to Aquahunters first, where we emphasize fitness, preparedness, and training.

  3. The last episode showed Isaac and his buddy on a crappy homemade trimaran. It was solo unrealistic. Imaging trying to turn in that contraption. None of the fish they caught were moving. Especially the mahimahi. Real fisherman know the mahi are very frisky and why did none of they move during that show?  They caught mahi and Ono nor right after the other.  It was so fake. Then ice appears in their triman.  There catches were not alive that day and looked totally staged.  How did they bring in the fish that day?  That contraption would not turn and paddling onesided it a joke.. Too bad they showed that on national tv.  Makes us real Hawaiians look like idiots…

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