Some years ago (c. 2005) I started this blog to share the stoke of mountain biking, but local resistance to building any sort of biking community and growing interest in sailing and kayak fishing, have shifted the content here into what it is now.  It will primarily be about catching big fish from small boats here on the Big Island of Hawaii, and as I’m sponsored byJackson Kayak, kayak fishing is sure to be the focus.  But a small fleet of sailing craft have found their way into my shop and driveway, and so too shall they find some air-time here soon in my pursuit of small scale, sustainable commercial fishing.  You may see topics on aquaponics, home brewing, surfing, art and photography as well- which in one way or another are fairly connected by a sustainability thread. And I still love bikes too.

I’ve learned a lot about my interests from the internets and only hope to pass it on, share some stoke, and connect a few dots.  Hope you enjoy it.

PS:  Not to be confused with a New Hampshire band Drifting Son, that seems to have ‘borrowed’ my name sometime around 2009.  Any lawyers out there that accept payments in fish? 😉


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